Project Description

Today is a special day for Prakash. Members of an international aid organization have turned his tiny village into their headquarters for several days. They are performing free eye surgery for the inhabitants of the surrounding villages hidden in the mountains of Nepal. Prakash and his friends got up early. Nothing would make them miss the exciting hustle and bustle brought to their life by the arrival of the NGO. Every now and then, the kids stop playing with their ball, watching the flow of sight-deprived villagers slowly making their way across the foggy forests to the eye-camp of the aid organization.

“My Grandma goes there, too”, Prakash tells me. “She is blind. For several years, she has been sitting around in our house, and not even able to go to the toilet alone. That made her really sad and desperate.” Prakash Grandma’s sufferings are caused by cataracts. For years her sight has decreased, leaving her completely blind in the end. Cataracts surgery is one of the most cost-effective surgeries of the western world. It costs only $50 dollars – but that’s money that Prakash’s family couldn’t afford to spend.

By tomorrow, his grandma will be able to see again. Prakash hopes the aid organization will continue coming to his village. Not only because of the excitement it is bringing to his usual daily routine, but because they are also doing surgery on kids. Kids that otherwise would have to spend their live in darkness and misery. “I’m really happy I can see”, Prakash says happily, “but who knows, maybe one day something could happen to my eyes. I hope in that case, they’ll be there for me, too.”