Project Description

Kodue and Jean are laughing. They find something terribly amusing about this white man and his camera. “Zoreil!”, Kodue shouts pointing at me. This is the nickname the islanders have for pale-skins like me.

I met the pair of them on their favourite playground, a remote beach on the island of Lifou. They come here every day with their friends to have fun on the fine sandy beach, or plunge in the sea. This part of the coat isn’t just a playground for them but also provides an existence for many. The rich fish-stocks provide both food and employment for many inhabitants of the small island.

This situation could change pretty fast though. State-run companies are planning to intensify nickle mining in the area. Nickle is Caledonia’s main source of income. Environ-mentalists fear that contaminated water from the nickle mines could destroy the fish stocks. Kodue and Jean are still able to laugh about this white photographer. It’s probably good that they don’t know about the dangers threatening their favorite playground.