134 – Prakash – Bijuvidhyapur, Nepal 2011

Today is a special day for Prakash. Members of an international aid organization have turned his tiny village read the story

Pic 2 - Gede, Indonesia

2 – Gede – Kuta, Bali, Indonesia 2011

It has been a good day for Gede. When I meet the 16-year-old at Kuta beach, a long read the story


127 – Enkhtuya & Tsetseg – Bayankhongor, Mongolia 2013

Bumbugur isn’t exactly what people would call “a nice place”. During summer, the little village is melting under read the story

Philippine Kidsmall-24

114 – Stan – Bancal Bay, The Philippines 2015

“I remember the morning sunshine. Only a few hours later, Haiyan took away a part of my family.” read the story

Pic 32 - Dhevi, Nepal

32 – Devi – Vidhyapur, Nepal 2011

Devi hides behind a large, colourful scarf as if it could shield her from the world. Here in read the story


113 – Ramli – Jakarta, Indonesia 2010

Ramli is a fighter. Together with his father he is fighting to survive. Without a mother. She became ill and read the story

Pic 112 - Hamideh, Iran

112 – Hamideh – Qom, Iran 2003

Qom ifs to Iranian Shiites what the Vatican is to christians – a place of pilgramage and a read the story


122 – Riya – Kolkata, India 2015

Story coming soon… 


116 – Batzorig – Bayankhongor, Mongolia 2013

Batzorig wants to be better than the rest of them. And stronger. His friends laugh as he tries read the story

Pic 6 - Puja, Nepal

6 Puja – Vidhyapur, Nepal 2012

Puja is a married girl. In principle. Her parents her future husband’s family have agreed on her price read the story


115 – Batkhuyag – Bayankhongor, Mongolia 2013

Three poles. They are the diversion in Batkhuyag’s life. Whenever he’s bored he climbs onto the crossbeam. Hangs read the story

Pic 111 - Thein, Myanmar

111 – Thein – Yangon, Myanmar 2012

Thein’s world is the size of a mat. As soon as he has finished one, he starts read the story


119 – Dorji – Thimphu, Bhutan 2013

Story coming soon… 


Pic 5 - Liu, China

5 Liu – Beijing, China 2009

To be honest, at first, I didn’t see Liu. I first kind of smelt her. The meal she was read the story

Pic 110 - Solina, Cambodia

110 – Solina – Angkor Wat, Cambodia 2001

Only those forcing their way into the depths of the overgrown jungle temple complex of Ta Prohm, in the heart read the story

Pic 108 - Abdullah, Pakistan

108 – Abdullah – Swabi, Pakistan 2010

Story coming soon…

Pic 107 - Sajid, Bangladesh_

107 – Sajid – Ulipur, Bangladesh 2014

Story coming soon…

Pic 101 - Igor & friends, Russia

101 – Igor & friends – Murmansk, Russia 2011


Igor and his two friends take shelter from the icy winds that relentlessly rip through the streets read the story

Pic 98 - Pon, Cambodia

98 – Pon – Kep, Cambodia 2001

Together with Angola, Cambodia is the most densely landmined place in the world. Three decades of war read the story

Pic 97 - Abdullah, Turkey

97 – Abdullah – Diyarbakir, Kurdistan, Turkey 2002


I met Abdullah when I got lost in the labyrinth of the old town of Diyarbakir, trying read the story