South America


125 – Moncho – La Ceiba, El Salvador 2012

Thursday is the best day in the life of Moncho. Every Thursday his mother dresses him for the read the story


121 – Jean-Max – Port-au-Prince, Haiti 2008

 Story coming soon…


120 – Angelica – Lima, Peru 2014

Angelica is one of the more than 600 million people in the world living in slums. That comes read the story

Pic 10 - Yolisha, Haiti

10 – Yolisha – Cité Soleil, Haiti 2010

“She has become a different person in the night of the quake”, Yolisha‘s mother tells me, looking sadly read the story

Pic 100 - Rosmery, Cuba

100 – Rosmery – Camagüey, Cuba 2006

Rosmery seems to be more interested in the photographer wandering about outside, than in what her teacher has to read the story

Pic 93 - Maria, Venezuela

93 – Maria – Puerto Colombia, Venezuela 2009

In the evenings, when the sun sends its dying rays of light across the sea, Maria can see her “other read the story

Pic 91 - Valeria Ecuador

91 – Valeria – Quito, Ecuador

Story coming soon…


128 – Carolina – El Concavo, Honduras 2013

Story coming soon… 


Pic 69 - Phara, Haiti

69 – Phara – Port-au-Prince, Haiti 2009

One window pane, two worlds. On one side air conditioning, upholstered seats and the certainty of a tasty evening read the story

Pic 61 - Joane, Haiti

61 – Joanne – Martisan, Haiti 2009

Maybe Joanne was born as a result of rape ? Perhaps her mother was sexually assaulted a few days read the story

Pic 40 - Alejandro & Romario, Cuba

40 – Alejandro & Romario – Havanna, Cuba 2007

Since birth Alejandro and Romario have both lived in the same house on the outskirts of Havanna’s city read the story

Pic 30 - Miguel, Mexico

30 – Miguel – Mexico-City, Mexico 2008

Miguel is proud. Even the hard years this 14 year old kid spent as a street child surviving read the story

Pic 28 - Jean, Haiti

28 – Jean – Jacmel, Haiti 2008

Jean is priveleged.  He can go to school.  Something that should be the most natural thing in the world, read the story

Pic 16 - Silvina, Argentina

16 – Silvina – Buenos Aires, Argentina 2009

Silvina is going to be a dancer one day. She just knows. She loves music. As a dancer, the read the story

Pic 12 - Matitza & Francisco, Cuba

12 – Maritza & Francisco – Havana, Cuba 2006

Sunday afternoon in Luz Caballero Park, not far from the old-quarter of Havana. Dozens of children have been read the story